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The Great Architect has placed each of us in this world to support His cause and further His gospel. This ministry is a framework for the word of the Lord to not be delayed any longer, but to take the Light to the world. Every believer is a pillar in some way to the ministry and work of the Lord in our world.


If this ministry has blessed you, or you feel the weight of the burden for this ministry upon your heart, we want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to see how you can become a pillar of support within this ministry. Below are the three ways you can support the furtherance of this ministry:


1) Prayer: To many, this is a 'standard request,' but we really believe it. We're convinced that our God responds to the prayers of His saints and we need the way to be paved, the crooked paths to be straightened, and prayers to be offered to the Lord. Our mountains are moved by prayer, not coincidentally we're bringing the gospel to the Himalayas and will need this ministry bathed in prayer.


2) Testify: Share your testimony with us of how God has used Adam Ghat to work in your life. This is extremely important. Case in point: imagine if the Apostles never shared the Revelation of Jesus Christ and all that He had done with the World. We want to hear from you and build on your testimonies, as those grow, faith grows. Click here to leave us your testimony!


3) Donate: This ministry will never apologize for soliciting funds to preach the gospel to a lost and hurting people. To get to full operational capacity, we have a goal of reaching $12,000/mo in operational costs that will include producing quality content for national television, evangelism, and putting on full conferences and producing training materials for the average believer in Nepal.


If you would like to stand with us and become Financial Mission Partners, we are a registered US 501(c)3 non-profit. Being a Mission Partner is more than just something to throw money or prayer at, it is stepping in the field with us and bringing the Gospel to the people of Nepal. To donate online, please select the 'Support Us' link below. God bless you and thank you for standing with us!





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